Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Beginning of a Productive Summer

Today the kids came back to the gardens for the summer, and it was a welcome site to see some of the same ones I had seen from the year before....they all knew what they had done last year and just jumped right in!!! I could not have been prouder to see that they were still very much interested in getting things planted and started. They were quite surprised to find out that we had added some chickens and bees to our community garden which is quickly growing into an urban farm as we have expanded to an additional lot this year as you can see by the video slides. They were very much interested in holding and petting the chickens and insisted on carrying them around as if they were their pets...and the kids actually got to experience a taste of real honey that we had taken from the hive a couple of days before their arrival. It was a good day and makes it all worthwhile when you see the smiles and enthusiasm on their faces. It was hot outside, but that didn't stop them from working and taking a cool run thru the sprinklers..


  1. Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

    What a cool project. I'd love to see it!

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Ladora Street Gardens
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